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  • You are always willing to talk and answer questions when they arise. That is service and your service is appreciated. - Connise K.

  • Melisa Haessler has had the patience of a saint guiding us through the new health care laws. - Cheryl O.

  • You helped me set up supplemental insurance when I turned 65... You are always there when I have a question. Excellent service. - Diane A.

  • Melisa Haessler was the consummate professional and very impressive in her expertise and customer savvy. She completely understood my needs. I will continue to recommend Melisa. - Shannon A.

  • We value our employees; we want to make sure that they are adequately covered in all possible areas. We partner with ComPro because they understand that we want nothing but the best for our team! Metalworks has covered the cost of both short-term and long-term disability coverage for our employees as well as sharing in the premium and deductible for medical and dental coverage. Metalworks has definitely made the perfect choice for our business and our employees. We can count on ComPro to deliver quality products through quality people! – Karen Ernesti, Metalworks, Lincoln NE

  • ComPro presents the value proposition for our health insurance. Brian can quote us the cheapest to most expensive but he works to find the most applicable product for us. He knows how to deal with the claims and coverage, and when it comes time to renew, he factors in responsiveness and coverage. It’s the value added with the experience in handling the different carriers. They’re very good at what they do and have been successful at it a long time. - Carl Applegate, Prime Rigging, Lincoln NE & Des Moines IA

  • We have been with ComPro since probably 1990. They’ve solved a lot of problems for us over the years. They always found what we needed and they’re great at contacting the companies when we need information. They go to bat for us, figuring things out so we don’t have to. I can call Melisa and get answers to any of my questions. ComPro finds us the best deals and are always very helpful. - Patty Herman, Interior Systems, Lincoln NE.

  • Thanks for helping me decide on which insurance to get for my family, navigating the health insurance marketplace and your assistance when CoOpportunity went out of business. Chris worked with me for over an hour to get a new insurance plan. - Steve A.

  • Much appreciation for you all! Your expertise in guiding me (and others) through the process of health insurance gives me peace of mind. - K. Kelley.

  • I really appreciate your attention to details and how you have helped me to understand differences between insurance options and etc. Thanks! - Lisa B.

  • Awesome team work to help everyone that walks through your doors! - K. Kelley.

  • I attended your Health Care Reform Survival Training in Omaha a few weeks back, and honestly, it was one of the most informative sessions I’ve attended this year—so I thank you. - Beth S.

  • "Thanks for all you do with such a servant's heart." - Glenn & Peggy Miller

  • It is nice to do business with a company that can get things right. But I wanted to express my gratitude for all your hard work and patience, Melisa - because this time it paid off and you have a happy customer!  J O'Donnell

  • Watching your video on special enrollments answered my question! I had to read through 7 pages into the forms that Airens sent out to find the small note about 60 days. Thanks! - Karen E.

  • "Hi Brian and Kayla, I talked to my daughter and she said you were able to help her get everything resolved with her billing issue. I truly appreciate you helping her with the appeal and all the time and effort you spent!! Thanks for providing great customer support to one of our employees! - Emily K.

  • "I've actually been meaning to contact you about dental insurance. My husband is self-employed and we have health insurance with you, but now that we have four kids, I take them to the dentist every six months and spend hundreds on checkups. If you could let me know some pricing, that would be great. Thanks!" - Alexis H.




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