Medicare Supplements

Becoming eligible for Medicare means learning a whole new health insurance vocabulary. You must get good advice to guide you through the transition into Medicare products. Many people are surprised to learn that providing for your health care under Medicare is often less expensive than your previous plan. ComPro will educate and assist you through the process.

You helped me set up supplemental insurance when I turned 65… You are always there when I have a question. Excellent service. – Diane A.

What We Offer

ComPro offers Medicare Supplement Products from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska and Mutual of Omaha. Each person is entitled to a “once-in-a-lifetime” open enrollment to select the Medicare Supplement plan of their choice with no underwriting for health conditions. This open enrollment happens on your 65th birthday or when you discontinue participation in an employer plan following your 65th birthday.

The benefits offered in Medicare Supplement plans do not vary from company to company. Each company is required to offer the same schedule of benefits.

When selecting a Medicare Supplement plan, you will want to compare the companies that you are considering based on the following criteria.

The Criteria:

  • Premium – each company determines their own rates
  • Financial strength of the company – financial rating data is available
  • Your expectation of service – you may have this plan for the rest of your days, so choose well. Be certain that you have selected the company that you believe will provide you with the best service.

Medicare Open Enrollment

The Medicare Open Enrollment occurs annually every Fall. During this time, Medicare beneficiaries may select new Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans for the next calendar year. The Medicare Open Enrollment does not apply to those who have a Medicare Supplement policy.

Dental and Vision Insurance

Dental and vision plans are available for individuals and families. Products offered include options from:

Travel Insurance

Don’t leave the country without adding an international travel policy for your trip. These plans provide additional health insurance plus add benefits for unexpected expenses that would occur if you were seriously injured or hospitalized in a foreign country. These policies offer coverage for an emergency medical evacuation, a natural disaster, and life insurance. This is an inexpensive way to protect yourself against the unexpected while traveling.